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Re: yet more changes to Sieve

1999-02-24 07:55:20
At 03:16 AM 2/24/99 -0500, Tim Showalter wrote:
( Address comparasons are defined to be case-insensitive on the local
part.  (Gregory Sereda has suggested this, and it seems like a very good

I think that I suggested making the comparason case-insensitive on the
domain part (not local part).  The COMPARATOR argument defines the
comparason for the local part (which defaults to "i:ascii-casemap").
For internet mail addresses, the COMPARATOR type of "i;octet" should
be used if the system supports case-sensitive "localpart", ie mailbox.

This should allow scripts to distinguish between addresses like:

        username(_at_)company(_dot_)com, USERNAME(_at_)company(_dot_)com

while treating the following addresses as the same:

        username(_at_)company(_dot_)com, username(_at_)COMPANY(_dot_)COM

Greg Sereda 

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