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Last minute pre-IETF stuff

1999-03-12 16:21:56


First off, a reminder that the Sieve session for Minneapolis is this coming
Tuesday morning from 0900 to 1000. It conflicts with IP Fax and the
Internet Print Protocol, so no excuses from you for not attending 8-).
We're in the "Duluth Room".

Note we've got ONE HOUR, so will have to be efficient!

If you missed the agenda, here it is:

I don't anticipate major changes, but we'll do an agenda-check on-site.

Secondly, a final request that everybody review the following:

-- Version 007 of the Sieve draft.

-- Tim's posting on this list a few days ago of open issues, etc.

and come PREPARED to the meeting. If you've got additional issues that you
know need to go on the agenda and/or Tim's list, please post to the list
and/or send Tim, Ned, and myself a note ASAP.

If we can slog through the issues list, I think we'll be in a better
position to get this straight-to-proposed and skip the usually gruesome
Charter Discussion.

In particular, if you can focus your brain on potential 'show stoppers' or
'niggling details that may be critical path items' -- those are the things
(if they indeed exist) that would be good to deal with in face to face
time. By all means, though, bring nits to pick as well - just prioritize

I'm also going to ask at the start of the meeting for a quick show of hands
about who's done an implementation of some sort. 

I will make an effort to post results of this session back to the list ASAP
so that those of you who can't make the meeting know what's up.

- Matt

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