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Re: Storing filters in LDAP

1999-07-06 17:34:05
At 9:26 PM -0400 7/2/99, Lawrence Greenfield wrote:

I agree with Randy that ACAP is the best place to store sieve
scripts.  We could define a small subset that an ACAP server must
support to handle Sieve scripts which should be straightforward to
implement and place no large resource requirements on servers.

Locating the ACAP server would be interesting.  I would suggest
connecting to the ACAP port on the same host as the IMAP server, but
paying attention to referral.  (This complicates the client
implementation somewhat, but is probably worth it.)

I suggest we use a different port, since the server may support a subset of ACAP.

We probably need a new email accounts dataset attribute, email.sieve.script.url, and should probably rename the email.sieve.script to email.sieve.script.text. Then, if there is a general ACAP server available, the client can connect to it and examine the email.sieve.script.url attribute of the email accounts dataset.

If both are null and the client wants to store a Sieve script, the capabilities dataset should be queried to determine if this server supports Sieve. If not, I suppose the client should try the ACAP Sieve profile port on the mail server. It should then store into either email.sieve.script.text or into email.sieve.script.url on the ACAP server and into email.sieve.script.text on the mail server.

If there is no general ACAP server available, then the ACAP Sieve profile port of the mail server should be tried.

I could probably produce a draft of such functionality (and perhaps a
prototype server) if people desire.

I was going to write a draft for the ACAP Sieve profile, I'd be happy to either let you do it or to coauthor it with you.

I think a prototype server would be useful. We do have some code we've been playing with which we were considering for inclusion in qpopper 3.1, if it gets finished in time. The more the merrier.

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