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Re: Sieve web page updates

1999-08-31 10:38:11
Hi Matt,

Yes, I've been finishing up an implementation of Sieve for our next
release of Netscape Messaging Server.  Basically I process sieve just
prior to mailbox delivery.  I have some questions which I'll follow up
at a later time on the list regarding MDN's vs. DSN's (Yes, I'm sure
this has been beaten to death but).  I'm not sure what more I can say. 
We are storing our rules in LDAP vs. storing them in the users mailbox,
which you guys might have known from some previous discussions on the
list with Bruce Steinback.  We came up with a solution to handle
ordering of the 'rules' (or Sieve scripts) by parsing for a special
comment line somewhere in the script.  If anyone is interested in
pursuing some kind of order extension, we would like to jump on it. <G>


Matthew Wall wrote:

I updated the web page today, primarily to update links to the current
drafts and the correct current CMU implementation.

If any of you have unofficial or official product details you can share,
please please let me know so I can list them here. It helps the bandwagon
effect a bit.


- Matt

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