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Sieve white paper draft

1999-12-20 16:12:12

Finally got around to revising this... the white paper to which I alluded many moons ago.

NB this is meant to be a polemical, not a technical, document; sort of a
Sieve manifesto. 


* makes the long case for an interoperable filtering language

* talks a lot about delivery as a separate layer, largely because I find
myself having to explain this too often

* Talks about requirements that went into Sieve, and things Sieve is not 

* Describes, rather breezily, the basic syntax

* Proposes some models for creation/editing, storage, transport, and
server-and client-side processing of scripts. Note I did not include Tim
M's recent protocol proposal in this discussion for fear of complicating
things at this point.

It's about 14 large-typed pages of actual content, plus pretty pictures,

Please send me non-trivial comments if you have time (e.g. correct
syntactically poor Sieve script examples; don't worry about misplaced
commas; send a note if a paragraph is unclear, don't fuss with my spelling.)


- Matt


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