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Last call for comments, Sieve white paper

2000-01-26 23:39:59

Well, there's been a stunning lack of comments on the Sieve white paper

in draft form, so I'm inclined to go ahead and release this to the world at large as is.

My primary concern was that I correctly encapsulated the aspects that were discussed in detail on this list at various times, specifically the 'Sieve Language Concepts' (p. 12) and the complete discussion/description of Sieve itself (p. 8-13) and to a lesser degree the 'models for application' (which is brainstorming) on pp. 14-19). Clearly, the spec is the definitive guide, but the idea was to get a medium-ground description of the intent behind some of the design choices.

So, if you want to provide last minute comments, skip the first 7 pages, which is the manifesto part on why delivery is a distinct event and why standardized filtering is needed, etc., and just read the second half.

In any event, I'm going to link it live off the web pages for now, pending a future revision.

- matt

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