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(re)Opening a can of worms

2000-09-05 15:17:57
I work for a small software company (Seattle Lab, Inc) which provides an
email server for Windows NT as one of our products.  One of the features we
are looking at adding to SLMail is SIEVE support.   This seems rather
straightforward, and I understand the reasons for not having the SIEVE draft
specify how scripts are accepted by the server from the clients.   However,
that is one thing we will have to address.   In looking over the mailing
list archives, it seems as if at least one other server is approaching this
by implementing a minimal ACAP service.   Since we haven't yet begun the
implementation of this feature, I wanted to see what methods were currently
in use by the clients and servers which plan on supporting SIEVE.   Pointers
to the documentation on those implementations (if they aren't
self-explanatory) would be useful as well so that we can make an informed
choice on how to proceed in a reasonable fashion.


JT Traub                  Software Engineer
Phone: 425-825-7060       Fax: 425-825-7061
Email: jtraub(_at_)seattlelab(_dot_)com

Seattle Lab Inc.
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