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Re: draft-melnikov-sieve-imapflags-03

2000-09-16 23:15:09
At 11:22 PM -0600 9/16/00, Alexey Melnikov wrote:

  > but I personally think it's better so simply say that
 this command adds a flag, this command takes away an added flag, etc.

 Add/take away flags to/from what?
If you don't say "internal variable" you will use "message", thus you assume there
 is some internal "storage" for the current list of flags, i.e. "variable".

Add/take away flags to/from the message. Conceptually, the message has flags. Certainly in an IMAP-accessed message store it has flags.

I'm really only saying that the language should stick to the semantic/logical/conceptual level, and not get into global variables.

  > I think it makes it harder to interoperate, especially since this
 affects the email client.  Perhaps what we need instead is to give up
 using IMAP flags for this, and use Annotations instead.  Sounds like
 the message/priority is needed here.

 Are you proposing to bound mark/unmark to IMAP Annotation or drop it?

There was talk of a Sieve extension for IMAP annotations. It could be added to yours on flags, but because of timing it probably is more desirable to do it separately (so yours doesn't have to wait on annotations).

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