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Filtering Server

2001-04-02 16:33:39

Just wondering if anyone out there is working on a 'Sieve Server'.  We
have the need for one.  We run a PMDF MTA coupled with PMDF Message
Store (utilising IMAP to access mailboxes).  In front of that, we are
running two classes of clients, 1 - any IMAP compliant news reader (eg.
Eudora, Outlook, etc..), 2 - WebMail a web based IMAP client.

Originally, we have the WebMail and PMDF MTA running on the same machine
so our filtering simply updated the sieve files directly.  We attempted
to use the PMDF cgi's but ran into problems, especially with
authentication.  But now we want to have a small web server farm, so the
web client will not be able to directly update the sieve files.  We
could do something silly like NFS mount the appropriate area, but that
it not all that attractive.

The best I can think off is having some sort of Sieve server, where a
few simply commands are available like 'GETSIEVE user' and 'SETSIEVE
user' which do pretty much that.  So, if anyone is working on a Sieve
server or going to, I would be interested.


David Richards
Project Manager (Messaging)
Information Technology Services
Queensland University of Technology

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