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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-segmuller-sieve-relation-00.txt

2001-04-17 19:44:47
On 2001-04-11 at 16:57 -0400, Wolfgang Segmuller wrote:
Title : Sieve Extension: Relational Tests
Author(s) : W. Segmuller
Filename : draft-segmuller-sieve-relation-00.txt
Pages : 5
Date : 10-Apr-01

This document describes the RELATIONAL extension to the Sieve mail
filtering language [SIEVE].  This extension allows relational
operators on field values and on the number of entities in header
fields and addresses.

For the most part, this looks good at first reading.

However, one minor glitch: in section 6, the extended example, there's
an email address <me(_at_)foo(_dot_)bar(_dot_)com> and is a registered 
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