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Re: notes on the managesieve protocol

2001-06-30 14:28:09

<tmartin(_at_)mirapoint(_dot_)com> writes:

Sorry for the delay replying to this.

Likewise. :-)  (Maybe I did answer this earlier, but I'm not sure...)

Notes on the managesieve protocol:

* add BYE <reason> to login message "OK"

Do you mean so the server can drop connections after failed logins such as:

BYE "Too many failed login attempts"
<connection closed>

I'd agree with this. Should the server be allowed to give this
response to other commands? I see no reason why not.

Right.  I see that you've made that change, thanks!

* support anonymous sasl mode for syntax verification only

I like this idea. It'll be in the next revision.

This too, thanks!

* just a thought: managesieve is not specific to sieve, perhaps it
 could be extended into allowing any language.  if the management
 protocol for mail splitting is language-independent we can replace
 sieve and keep the toolbase, when we discover that we want a turing
 complete language.

This main goal of managesieve was to make something that was easy to
implement so people could use sieve now. ACAP/LDAP provide more
general solutions that, in the long run, TuringSieve scripts (or
whatever) could be stored on.

Ok.  Personally I don't think ACAP/LDAP are suitable for handling
uploading of Sieve scripts.  I mean, I don't want a Sieve parser in my
ACAP/LDAP server, which would be required to provide the user with
useful syntactical error messages on the sieve script.  I would be
happy with ManageSieve being the "recommended" approach.

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