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Re: Notify extension to Sieve

2001-07-13 17:00:47

Excerpts From ned(_dot_)freed(_at_)mrochek(_dot_)com:
There's also the whole issue of encoded-words and character sets. I think the
way to go is for this document to be clear that the notification material it
creates is in UTF-8, and that encoded-word and content decoding should be done

as part of these substitution operations.

The text[n] construct is also fairly problematic. For example, what happens
when the cut off falls in the middle of a line terminator? What happen when th
number fall in the middle of a multibyte character?

A line-oriented construct would avoid these issues, however, it wouldn't
necessarily work right with message services that have limited text capacity.

This is a good point. Trying to deal with byte boundrys with different 
character sets is a major pain. I agree the output should be utf8 and the 'n' 
in text[n] should refer to n unicode characters not n octets (as currently 

btw Thank you to everyone for the comments in the last couple messages. We'll 
try to get them integrated and a new version out in the near future.


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