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Re: draft-segmuller-sieve-relation-01.txt

2001-10-03 16:57:11

there are lots of mail servers that do spam filtering that have an
option to file the suspected spam into a mail folder instead of just
deleting it.

Easily and more generally done using redirect.

The policy I adopted is fileinto will copy to local directory, and redirect
will forward to a mail address for possible list archive style archiving.
Both have their uses.  Seems like the most natural mapping to me.  Are you
suggesting that this approach is uncommon, unusual or incorrect.  I'd be
keen to hear why as I might need to do some urgent coding...

The primary issue for me is that fileinto information is qualified by the user
the sieve is associated with, whereas redirect has no such qualification. What
you are saying in effect is that in your implementation fileinto at a server or
domain level is qualified by the server or domain. I'd rather use
redirect to establish the necessary context.

As for legitimacty, I don't believe that's prohibited by the sieve
specification. OTOH, it certainly isn't something that the specification
describes doing.