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Re: Several Sieve Questions

2001-12-13 13:14:26

   From: "Esh, Thomas D (Tom)" <esh(_at_)lucent(_dot_)com>
   Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 14:23:00 -0500


   1. How does server filtering work on the Bcc: field?  My
   understanding is the Bcc: field is not put into the message body,
   but that recipients specified in the Bcc: line are put on the
   envelope rcpt-to list.

Sieve allows you to see the BCC header only if the sending MUA
actually included the BCC header on your copy.  Since that would be
silly (not the point of BCC) you generally won't be able to see them
in Sieve.

Sieve also only lets you see the envelope address that resulted in
your Sieve script receiving it---you can't see the other recipients of
the message.

   2. Can you filter based on mime component types in Sieve?  I read
   most of the RFCs and draft extensions and I didn't see anything
   that seemed to allow this.

This isn't in the base Sieve specification.

   3. Can you filter based on msg receive (or sent) time in Sieve?
   Once again, I didn't see anything in the rfc about this.  This
   ability combined with the vacation extension would allow users to
   set up vacation filters in advance of their vacations and when
   combined with the proposed notification extension would allow users
   to specify different notification rules for messages that are
   received during work and out-of-work hours.

This also isn't in the base Sieve specification.


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