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sieve and external programms?

2002-10-03 06:24:14

i would like use sieve with external programms.

I have the follow problem ang question about this

I mave to forward special mail's to an sms-gateway but not the complete
mail, only the first 160 characters.
My sieve-script filtered at the moment special mail's in special

It is possible i could write a command in my sieve-scripts like the

        " send this mail to that external-programm what cut the first 160
characters from this mail an after send this mail to
0160777777(_at_)sms(_dot_)gateway(_dot_)com and then a complete copy from this 
mail to
folder <xxxx..yyyyy.zzzz>"

Pleae when have some peoplos better id's please send me!

Thank's alot for every help

Best wishes


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