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Re: Updated regex and subaddress drafts

2002-11-30 02:03:02

On Fri, 31 Aug 2001, Simon Josefsson wrote:

On Thu, 30 Aug 2001, Ken Murchison wrote:

I just submitted updates of the following drafts:

A comment to both of these drafts:

Back references!

If I receive mail to simon+foobar(_at_)josefsson(_dot_)org, I may want to 
file it
into INBOX.lists.foobar.  I don't want explicit rules for each and every

Same thing goes for regexp, I want to write a regexp that match a header
"Mailing-Id: (.*)" and file that into "INBOX.lists.\1"

I have to agree... the exim filters has this type of backreferences, and
even though the possibility of a DoS, the benefits from such a constuct is
too great for it to not be included.

I myself would prefer $1, $2 and such insted of \1, \2...

It would also be approptiate to have a construct like $[...] that would
only expand if every variable within the brackets would expand.

For example, if i use " <?([^@>]+)@?([^ \n\t\r>]*)" to mach on the
X-Mailing-List header, $2 may or may not be set, and since i want the
message saved to list.$1.$2 if it is set, or list.$1 if it is not. This
could then be written as "list.$1$[.$2]".

(The added complexity would be that `fileinto' need to be changed, I

It would possibly be easier to just do variable expansion on all strings,
using the variables from the last successful match of a regexp.

If back references are implemented, it would be possible to reduse the
size of filters drastically. I myself use 4 rules in my exim-filter to
deliver into 54 different folders at the moment.

  Peder Stray

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