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Re: extensions and sieve

2003-02-03 15:08:13

Hi Kristin(_dot_)Hubner(_at_)sun(_dot_)com,

--On Monday, February 03, 2003 1:20 PM -0800 
Kristin(_dot_)Hubner(_at_)sun(_dot_)com wrote:

| In the meantime, note that for a message that is in MIME format, you can
| hope that perhaps the filename will show up in a MIME header line.  For
| instance, filenames are sometimes in a NAME parameter on a Content-type:
| header line, or in a FILENAME parameter on the Content-disposition:
| header line, or occasionally filenames will even get put on the
| Content-description: header line.  So you could try doing something like:
| if header :contains
|  ["Content-type", "Content-disposition", "Content-description"] ".vbs" {
|  ...some action... }
| but of course note that that's only going to apply in cases where incoming
| messages are in MIME format, and happen to have the filename explicitly
| advertised on one of the listed MIME header lines.  So depending upon what
| sorts of incoming messages you're dealing with, this may or may not be
| useful.

That won't work in general. The 'header' test is done only over the top-level rfc2822 headers and not on any MIME headers embedded in the message when it is a multipart. Thus any multiparts will not be caught by this and I think that will be the majority of cases.

Cyrus Daboo

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