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Re: [managesieve] setactive "" semantics questions

2003-02-04 14:16:15

   Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2003 15:10:26 +0100
   From: Marc Mutz <mutz(_at_)kde(_dot_)org>

   from draft-martin-managesieve-04:
   2.8.  SETACTIVE Command
       This command sets a script active. If the script name is the empty
       string (i.e. "") then any active script is disabled. If the script
       does not exist on the server then the server MUST reply with a NO

   What does that mean for
     setactive ""
   when no script is active? Should it fail or succeed? (The latter would 
   be a PITA for client implementors, since I need to LISTSCRIPTS before 
   any SETACTIVE "").

Our server repsonds with a "No" when there is no active script. I
don't think a server that responds with an "Ok" would be that far out
of line.

   Do I need to issue
    setactive ""
     setactive "foo"
     setactive "bar"
   or will the second command implicitely set "foo" to inactive?

You can send

     setactive "foo"
     setactive "bar"

without any intervening commands.


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