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Re: sieve lunch @IETF 56

2003-03-19 18:01:19

Philip Guenther wrote:

I wrote:
We will be meeting to talk about sieve and sieve extensions (especially
those in draft: regexp, body, spamtest) after the spam meeting on
Thursday, at 11:30am, in the back of Continental 8/9.

As a heads up, I note that the spam meeting has apparently been moved
from Continental 8/9 to Continental 6.

I can be available on Jabber to discuss regex if you tell me which
"room" to join.  Perhaps someone can track down Marshall Rose and see if
he can get an mta-filters room created.  Either way, please post any
notes from the meeting to the list.

Kenneth Murchison     Oceana Matrix Ltd.
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716-662-8973 x26      Orchard Park, NY 14127
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