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Re: Are extension names case insensitive

2003-05-02 13:17:47

[Ned Freed]:

  [Kjetil Torgrim Homme]:
  > [Gisle Aas]:
  > >   Should this work?
  > >
  > >      REQUIRE "FILEINTO";
  > >      fileinto "FOO";
  > I'd say no.
  I'd say yes. It isn't like we're going to define FILEINTO to have
  a different meaning than fileinto, so implementations get maximum
  interop by performing a case-insensitive comparison in this

but an implementation that allows that will create an incompatibility
which didn't exist before.  or perhaps it already exists?  Cyrus does
case-sensitive comparison on the capability string.  (added whitespace
also makes the comparison fail.)

  line 1: unsupported feature

what do others do?

  Case preservation does not imply case sensitivity on comparisons.

agreed, I only showed that literal strings in Sieve preserve case.

the question is whether a match is implied.

  We have case-insensitive tokens and string comparisons are
  case-insensitive by default. I'm sorry, but what's dubious is the
  assrtion that require should be case-sensitive.

how about FILEINTO itself?  the folder name is case sensitive in IMAP
(with the exception of the prefix "INBOX").  shouldn't Sieve do
case-insensitive matching on existing folders to find the correct one,
and then store into it?

if "" exists and you do FILEINTO "Inbox.Foo", Cyrus will file
the message into "INBOX".

Kjetil T.

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