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Quizzic: Spam equivalent to EICAR test virus proposal.

2003-06-30 15:08:17

Sending this to this list, as it relates directly to the charter (filtering), though it's not Sieve related, which has been the focus of the list for a while. I haven't posted this anywhere else yet, and figure this smallish group could provide some initial feedback to see if this idea has legs and should become an internet-draft, if I'm reinventing the wheel, or what. To start off with, a few I do/don't think this is needed (because ___) comments would be appreciated. I've wanted something like this to exist several times, myself.


I think a standard equivalent to the EICAR test virus for spam is needed, and would make a useful RFC/'net standard. (The EICAR test provides a safe, easy way to test whether your anti-virus software is doing its job. If the antivirus software on your computer is working, it should detect it as the EICAR Test Virus. Of course, it's not a virus but instead a harmless 70 byte file that most or all antivirus software programs are supposed to detect for testing purposes only. See

For example, if I want to test that some kind of anti-spam system is working, it would be useful to be able to send a message and expect it to be treated as spam without sending something that a human would think was spam.

It would be useful for testing and debugging spam-reporting and abuse-incident-handling systems.

It could be used to detect the presence of a challenge-response system (unless the system didn't want to be detected) if a prescribed response was specified for such systems. List managers and list management software could use this info productively.

It could be useful for populating a whitelist (just send a Quizzic email to everyone in your address book using a specified SMTP server that intercepts the email. If the users messes up, Quizzic will limit the damage.)

Or I want to test a system in a way that hopefully won't bother anyone even if it malfunctions.


I think a specific string in the subject would to the trick best, such as the first 9 characters of the subject must be "ADV:QZWK:"
Subject: ADV:QZWK:followed by any text. N'importe quoi.

Requiring a specific sender (e.g. spamtest(_at_)example(_dot_)com) or sending domain anything(_at_)ADVQZWK(_dot_)com would be alternatives. These would be useful for systems that don't look at the body of a message, such as domain-based or address-based blocklists.

Or perhaps a single line in the (plain text)body with prescribed text :
ADV:QZWK:Body This is a test email. Blah blah.

All compliant antispam systems MUST consider it as spam.
Perhaps more specific instructions could be given.

Perhaps challenge-response systems would get more specific instructions:
"ADV:QZWK:Challenge:" indicates that the message SHOULD/MUST be challenged by a RFC-compliant challenge-response system, even if the mail would normally be let through, if the body is compliant+.

"ADV:QZWK:Grey:" indicates a system MUST file it in a [held mail/grey mail/probable spam/uncertain] category if the system supports such a category and the body is compliant+.

"ADV:QZWK:NoChallenge:" indicates a challenge-response system MUST NOT challenge it and should/must file it in /dev/null.

Compliant systems MUST send the strings captialized as specified, MUST recognize the strings if captialized as specified, and MAY perform case-insensitive matches.

Abuse response systems SHOULD/MUST NOT treat abuse reports of messages reported that are in compliance with this document as abuse (unless they come in such volume that they are a DoS attack).

All test spam messages sent must be at least minimally compliant with this spec.

+There should to be limits to help avert abuse of these options. Perhaps the subject and body of the message should be limited to, say, 80 characters of (plain) text each, for these two options.

I chose ADV:QZWK: as a short sequence unlikely to be seen at random, ever. ADV: to take advantage of the existing convention that this indicates spam, and QZWK (pronounced Quizzic ?) as some of the least common letters in language. Hopefully they aren't common or missing from any commonly used foreign keyboards. As a domain, it isn't taken (don't be a jerk!).

Anyway, this formatted more as a stream of consciousness, but please provide feedback.

This RFC should be generalized to apply to any applicable system (SMS, IM, etc.)

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