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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-melnikov-sieve-imapflags-05.txt

2003-07-02 06:31:57

3.1. Addflag action

- Duplicates are allowed and ignored?  Do we need to specify that we just
ignore them, or should our "list" maintain both entries?  I see in 4 and 6
there is a note about this issue, but perhaps it would help to have a
comment in this section that "duplicate removal" is seen as optional.

3.2 Removeflag Action

- Example contains :globalflags , But :globalflags isn't defined anywhere in
the document.  I remember it from the old revisions, did it get dropped?  If
so this example is now out of date...

- If duplicate removal is "optional", then what happens if we have two
flags, and we are asked to removeflag that flag.  We remove both
occurrences?  Would it perhaps just be easier to say that we MUST do
duplicate removal during addflags?  Both removal of existing duplicates
before we add the new flags, and any new duplicates created after adding the

- Don't understand what "Multiple occurrences of removeflag are treated
additively." means.  Does that mean multiple removeflag actions are treated
additively, or does it refer to the content of the flags and answer my
previous question about when multiple flags exist with the same name?

10. Extended Example

- Extended example contains a few "add" actions that I think should be

- Suggest that you don't use a variable name of  "flags" in the example, as
it may confuse.  Maybe "MyFlags" or something might be safer?



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