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Re: Sieve reject at SMTP time possible with which implementations?

2003-11-01 11:09:22

Yeah- what one would need to do is do an attempted delivery for
each SMTP "mail to" recipient and deal with rejections based on
that attempt.  You would have to have access to each individual's
filter program to do this.  Furthermore you would need something
other than SMTP, since once you have said "OK" to the "mail to"
you can't take it back later. 

No.  Actually RFC2821 specifies when the server takes responsibility:
"In sending a positive completion reply to the end of data indication, 
the receiver takes

  full responsibility for the message (see section 6.1).'
Until then, the server can drop the message and connection and be RFC 
compliant, even if it has said OK to all the recipients.

Only if you ignore the context in which I was making those comments:
i.e. about a message with multiple recipients and about not being
able to selectively reject each recipient after the DATA.

Also there is no such thing as a "mail to" command; I assume you mean 'rcpt 

My apologies, yes that's what I meant.  An embarrassing error, but I
hope people can read through it.  Sorry about that.

Here it would be great to have an SMTP
enhancement allowing post-DATA rejections.

SMTP already allows this.  It's clearly permitted by RFC 2821 to send a 
negative completion reply to the end of data indication.  Were it not, 
this I-D would be a non-starter!

Again, I was only talking about post-DATA per-recipient rejection.
Clearly one can reject the entire message after the DATA (that's what
the entire "accept only one recipient" hack comment was based on).


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