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vacation and address comparisons

2003-12-15 11:17:18

The vacation action has an addresses parameter that can be used to indicate other addresses that belong to the current user. There is currently an ambiguity as to how address comparisons for that parameter should be done: are they case-sensitive or case-insensitive on the local part? Default base-spec SIEVE address comparisons are case-insensitive since i;ascii-casemap is used as the default comparator.

I see several possibilities to this:

1) vacation address comparisons are implementation defined: implementations know whether they do case-sensitive or case-insensitive address matches on delivery so they pick the appropriate comparator. Some statement of that should be in the spec.

2) vacation addresses are explicitly defined either case-sensitive or case-insensitive on the local part - we have to pick which and state in the spec.

3) A new comparator argument is added to the addresses parameter to allow a comparator to be explicitly chosen - we would have to pick the default in the absence of that argument.

Any comments on this?

Cyrus Daboo

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