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Re: draft-degener-sieve-body-02.txt

2004-01-07 16:56:32

In the new :binary stuff:

Unlike in :content, the charset of the :binary MIME content is
disregarded.   Instead, the match against the keys provided in
the "body" statement proceeds as if the file's content data had
been translated into space-separated hex bytes of the form
[0-9a-f][0-9a-f] prior to matching

It would be nice to consider whitespace in the pattern as
insignificant, especially since one has to transform it anyway in order
to do the comparison.  For one thing, at some point variable
substitution is likely to come up (even if it isn't referred to here),
and one shouldn't have to worry about framing the binary data with
spaces properly.  For another, if whitespace is allowed at all, why
not let the script writer feel free to use it the way they
want to..

And speaking of variables, is it reasonable to make some note about
whether the matched strings are available to the variables extension?


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