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I-D ACTION:draft-elvey-refuse-sieve-01.txt

2004-04-11 17:58:51

Ok, 'refuse' is probably ready for test implementation, IMO. Thanks to everyone for the feedback.
I would very much like to hear from folks who implement 'refuse'.

A New Internet-Draft is available from the on-line Internet-Drafts directories.

        Title           : The SIEVE mail filtering language - refuse extension
        Author(s)       : M. Elvey, A. Melnikov
        Filename        : draft-elvey-refuse-sieve-01.txt
        Pages           : 0
        Date            : 2004-4-5
With 'refuse', Sieve gains the ability to simply not accept an
  email during the SMTP transaction (instead of accepting it and then
  sending an MDN [MDN] back to the alleged sender using 'reject').
  A Joe-job is a spam run forged to appear as though it came from an
  innocent party, who is then generally flooded by the bounces, MDNs
  and messages with complaints.  With 'reject', MDNs [MDN] contribute
  to the flood of Joe-job spam to victims of Joe-jobs; SMTP level
  refusals usually don't.  So 'refuse' provides users the latter
  method to handle unwanted email.

A URL for this Internet-Draft is:

<...> <>
Below is the data which will enable a MIME compliant mail reader
implementation to automatically retrieve the ASCII version of the



If there are no further changes suggested here, we'll let it pickle for a bit and then pursue further IESG designation (last call for RFC designation?).

(BTW, shouldn't Sieve itself be moving to "Proposed Standard" status?)

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