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Re: [spamtools] Refuse for IMAP Sieve

2004-05-14 14:42:04

On 5/14/2004 3:05 AM, Alex van den Bogaerdt sent forth electrons to convey:

On Thu, May 13, 2004 at 12:54:15PM -0700, Matthew Elvey (FM) wrote:

Hi. Just thought I'd let folks know that the IETF has published an
Internet Draft to reduce blowback from Sieve-generated bounces.
Feedback (here or, preferably, on the ietf-mta-filters list) appreciated.


  With "refuse", Sieve gains the ability to simply not accept an
  email during the SMTP transaction (instead of accepting it and then
  sending an MDN [MDN] back to the alleged sender using "reject").
  With "reject", MDNs contribute to
  the flood of Joe-job spam to victims of Joe-jobs; SMTP level
  refusals usually don't.  So "refuse" provides users the latter
  method to handle unwanted email.

Sieve [RFC3028] is a language for filtering mail at the time of final


There was not enough confusion yet, so let's redefine "reject" and use
"refuse" for what others call reject?

Why not simply repair the rfc and let reject do what it should do: give
a 55x error on delivery.
That was discussed on the list. It was a tough call. (Points made by cyrus, kristin, ned, myself, around 13-25Feb04.) Perhaps I gave posts from Ned (then Area Director, I think) too much weight, but I think not. Thanks for the feedback. (Crossposting to make the mta-filters list aware of the feedback. Followups to one list, please.)


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