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Re: allow from only one IP

2004-05-18 13:32:52

On 5/18/2004 5:49 AM, hulo(_at_)pinkponk(_dot_)com sent forth electrons to 


I need one thing and don't know the answer. On one account I've got enabled forwarding. Now, I need to enable that forwarding is done in only one case. 1)If mail comes from IP1; then forward 2)If mail doesn't come from IP1; then discard
In mta logs I see header "fromhost", but it doesn't work...So, how to set rule 
to achieve that?
thanks in advance


You're posting in the wrong place - this is for defining standards, not troubleshooting. If this were the right place, you'd need to provide info on the MTA you're using.

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