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subject of a notification mail

2004-09-15 02:26:34

Hi there,
I'm using kerio mailserver and it's using the sieve code to enable
custom rules. I'm using the notification feature to inform some users
about a new mail at their shared imap account. Is it possible to send
notification mails "with" a subject of its own? My notification script
is as follows :

if address :all :contains ["To","Cc"] "info(_at_)company(_dot_)com"
  notify :options "list(_at_)company(_dot_)com" :message "New message in your
shared folder.\r\nFROM: $from$ \r\nSubject: $subject$ \r\n";

I want the subject of the notification mail to be same with the main
email message which triggered the notification. Is that possible?


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