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Re: Action Interaction

2004-11-05 04:30:48

Tim Showalter wrote:

In general, I agree, and I will try to incorporate these changes into the next draft.

Alexey Melnikov wrote:

3). Need to state that "reject" and "discard" are incompatible.

They aren't clearly incompatible. If keep+discard aren't incompatible, why would reject+discard be incompatible?

Section 2.10.4 says:
  Implementations SHOULD prohibit reject when used with other actions.

I frankly don't care either way, but this must clearly be stated. Either
a). when both discard and reject are requested, reject is executed
b). the last one of discard/reject is executed (i.e. discard also cancels a previous reject)
c). discard and reject are incompatible (as discard is a silent reject and one can'te reject silently and not silently at the same time).


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