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email architecture discussion of SIEVE

2005-03-31 11:20:15


I've been working on a draft to document modern Internet Mail Architecture.  
The lastest draft is at 


After getting some comments on this latest draft, I am changing the
discussion of specialized data (messages, etc).  I would appreciate any
comments you might have on this candidate text, especially about the 
discussion of sieve:

 Internet Mail has some special control data:

 Delivery Status Notification (DSN):

 A Delivery Status Notification (DSN) is a message that can be generated by
 the Mail Handling Service (MSA, MTA or MDA) and sent to the
 RFC2821.MailFrom address. The mailbox for this is shown as Bounces in
 Figure 5 It provides information about message transit, such as
 transmission errors or successful delivery. [RFC3461]

 Message Disposition Notification (MDN):

 A Message Disposition Notification (MDN) is a message that can be
 generated by an rMUA and is sent to the Disposition-Notification-To
 address(es). The mailbox for this is shown as Disp in Figure 5. It
 provides information about user-level, Recipient-side message processing,
 such as indicating that the message has been displayed [RFC3798] or the
 form of content that can be supported. [RFC3297]

 Message Filtering (SIEVE):

 SIEVE is a scripting language that permits specifying conditions for
 differential handling of mail, at the time of delivery [RFC3028]. It can
 be conveyed in a variety of ways, as a MIME part. Figure 5 shows a Sieve
 specification going from the rMUA to the MDA. However filtering can be
 done at many different points along the transit path and any one or more
 of them might be subject to Sieve directives, especially within a single
 AU. Hence the Figure shows only one relationship, for simplicity.

  Dave Crocker
  Brandenburg InternetWorking
  dcrocker  a t ...

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