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Re: more comments on draft-ietf-sieve-vacation-01

2005-04-14 14:57:36

On Fri, 2005-04-08 at 07:52 -0700, ned(_dot_)freed(_at_)mrochek(_dot_)com wrote:
        3.3  Subject and from parameters
           The ":subject" parameter specifies a subject line to attach to 
           vacation response that is generated.  UTF-8 characters can be 
used in
           the string argument; implementations MUST convert the string to
           [RFC2047] encoded words if non-ASCII characters are present.

how should :subject "=?UTF-8?Q?whatever?=" be handled?  I believe it
should encode the string since it looks like an encoded word.

There's no need to encode it; it's already encoded. It just needs to be passed
through like any other text. The most we need to do here is to point out that
users can specify encoded words in the subject argument. And frankly, I'd
rather not point that out.

I really think this needs to be stated explicitly, but it doesn't have
to be painful, changing the "if" into an "if and only if" suffices.
Kjetil T.

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