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Re: List of issues with Sieve notifications

2005-10-20 07:52:48

Michael Haardt wrote:

o  Extend existing URI with new invented parameters.  Quite a kludge.
How is this different from the next?

If I simply let notify understand SMS URIs with the parameter "route",
the URI will violate the officially specified URI definition.  Possible,
but almost correct just isn't.
One can write a new draft extending an existing URI scheme.

o  Try to officially extend the URI schemes by parameters we need.  I
don't know if that is possible.  Of course it would be very elegant.
Sure, why not.

Change all concerned URI schemes?

So far we've identified only 3, I don't think it would be too hard. I don't think anybody is proposing to examine all standardized URI types.

The keyword "ivory tower" was already
mentioned.  I favour this approach, but working without a backup strategy
sounds risky.