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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-hansen-sieve-loop-01.txt]

2005-11-10 05:39:10

Might I suggest that we copy all the headers by default, including the
subject?  If we don't are we not then at risk of creating mail loops etc
and also breaking the threading of messages due to the altered subject
line/references/message-id?  That means we don't need the
:headers/:subject arguments at all :o)

I started with the "copy everything" by default. But then I started
thinking about headers such as the various domainkeys, iim and dkim
headers, trace headers, etc. This is really a new message that's being
created, so should reflect that. 

I think logically it's an altered version of the original message, which for 
delivery/loop/thread issues should be considered the same.  It's almost the 
same as adding some kind of X-Spam-Score header.  I would consider something 
like vacation to generate "new" messages, but don't believe that to be the case 

Besides, everything else is being
carried along in the message/rfc822 portion.

Except loop/trace analysis isn't going to go hoking about in the attached body 
parts to look for these.  So it'll be fine for humans to read, but the software 
is going to trip up and many of the headers are designed for them to read.

I feel pretty strongly about this, but at the same time don't think I'd 
implement enclose, so if nobody else thinks this is a problem, then I'll just 
keep out your way.


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