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Resolution for IESG discuss on variable - :lower/:upper underspecified

2005-11-14 19:10:13

During the meeting in Vancouver the WG was offered two choices on how to fully describe ":lower"/":upper": 1). clarify that :lower/:upper only affect US-ASCII subset of Unicode characters.
2). design a solution that would deal properly with all Unicode characters.

The show of hands at the meeting suggested that people support # 1 and nobody supported # 2. This message is to confirm this decision on the mailing list.

Unless somebody can come up with a technical reason why we should do # 2 now, I would request Kjetil to update the document to implement # 1. As soon as this is done the document can be sent back to IESG.


P.S. Note that 2) can always be done as an extension at a later time.

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