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'header' test and whitespace

2005-11-21 17:30:58

First of all, my apologies to the list for failing to get out the
updated 3028bis I-D by last Friday as I promised.

Part of the hold up has been in determining the exact wording to
insert on a couple points.  In particular, Barry Leiba argued
strongly in Vancouver that the 'header' test should _at_least_
normalize to a single space all whitespace that appears at the
beginning or end of each line of a header field value.  That is,
the header field unfolding algorithm would not only remove the CRLF
pair but also compress the whitespace around the CRLF into a single

Alternatively, that same compression could be applied to *all* the
embedded whitespace in the field value, such that the 'header' test
would never 'see' tabs or consecutive spaces.

So, there are three choices:
1) just compress whitespace at fold points
2) compress all whitespace
3) no compression

Note that we had previously agreed that leading and trailing
whitespace on the field value in total should be completely ignored;
that would not be affected by the compression described above.

Philip Guenther

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