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Re: Missing some information for the Vancouver minutes

2005-11-22 10:33:10

1) Add :from tagged argument to the "notify" action?

Did anybody objected to this?

I objected to the idea of general parameters, which might not apply to
specific notification mechanisms.  I prefer to have the definitions of
all parameters be in the mechanism documents.

But this is a small objection -- certainly notification text and "from"
are not unreasonable things to have as global things, and a mechanism
that doesn't need the "from" (or the text, for that matter) can ignore it.

2) Allow suppression of identical Sieve notifications?

Did we reach any consensus on this?

I don't recall.  I remember the discussion, but I really don't remember
where it went or what the resolution was.


Barry Leiba, Pervasive Computing Technology  

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