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Re: draft-ietf-sieve-variables-07

2006-01-12 04:35:11

Barry Leiba wrote:

Anyway, as the discussion's gone since the note I'm responding to,
there seems to be agreement that this and other identifying stuff would
be useful in an "Environment" extension, or some such.

I agree.

 Really, I
didn't think it needed to be in Variables -- just that Variables seemed
a logical place to put it.  I'm happy to put it in its own extension
that defines some new test, like this (using one of the examples from
the imap-sieve draft):

    require ["copy", "environment"];

    if anyof (environment :is "cause" "APPEND",
              environment :is "cause" "COPY")  {
        if environment :is "mailbox" "ActionItems" {
            redirect :copy "actionitems(_at_)example(_dot_)com";

Note, here, that I've used two "environment" items, called "cause" and

I agree that I like this better than doing it with variables, and it
means that if the "environment" extension is available, it can specify
the "DELIVERY" cause that I'm asking for.  That satisfies everything.
I'll write up an "Environment" extension draft, if y'all think I
should.  Ned?  Alexey/Cyrus?
Sure. Submit it as an individual draft first. The WG is sufficiently behind on existing milestones, so I think it is premature to start discussing adding this work to the charter.

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