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Re: Imapflags "hasflag" test interaction with relational draft

2006-02-01 05:39:16

On Tue, 2006-01-31 at 13:45 -0500, Mark E. Mallett wrote:
Relational says:

  The COUNT match type SHOULD only be used with numeric comparators.

which is quite different from saying that a different comparator should
be defaulted when using :count .  I think that trying to induce
different default comparators depending on combination of options opens
up a can of worms; i.e. I would agree that the default comparator should
not depend on the match type.

I agree.  changing the default comparator to numeric for "count" would
make just as much sense with every other match type, but it's too late
to do that now even if it was a good idea (I haven't thought it

I think the hasflag test in "imapflags" should be extended to allow an
optional comparator, for consistency with other match types.  since the
default comparator is the same as for the rest of Sieve, this fits
Kjetil T.

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