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Re: IESG Review of draft-ietf-sieve-vacation

2006-02-06 17:00:53

I would have agreed with you, but the text in the latest (-06) draft
looks good too.

FWIW, I think the addition of an internationalization considerations section
to the base spec also makes sense. The one I wrote only deals with issues
specific to vacation (and maybe refuse and notify).

  The only typo I noted:


   > The Sieve language itself allows a vacation response to selected
   > based on the content of the original message.

needs a "be" -- "to be selected" (not "to selected")

Thanks for the catch - Kristin Hubner also pointed this out in private
email. Unfortunately I made the change to the XML but then forgot to rerun
xml2rfc one last time before submission. I'll fix it during auth48.


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