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Re: 3028bis: post-meeting changes

2006-03-22 15:01:37

Philip Guenther wrote:

These are in response to the discussions earlier today in Dallas.
The log of the jabber room can be found at:

Opinions on any of the following, whether yeah or nay, are appreciated,
especially on the last point.

1. The first paragraph of section 4.1 ("Action fileinto") now reads:

  The "fileinto" action delivers the message into the specified folder.
  Implementations SHOULD support fileinto, but in some environments
  this may be impossible.  Implementations MAY place restrictions on
  folder names; use of an invalid folder name MAY be treated as an
  error or result in delivery to an implementation-defined folder.  If
  the implementation uses a different encoding scheme than UTF-8 for
  folder names, it SHOULD reencode the folder name from UTF-8 to its
  encoding scheme.  For example, the Internet Message Access Protocol
  [IMAP] uses modified UTF-7, such that a folder argument of "odds &
  ends" would appear in IMAP as "odds &- ends".
I like that.

(Hmm, need to tweak the line wrap...)

2. In the Security Considerations section, I've added:

   Use of the "redirect" command to generate notifications may
   easily overwhelm the target address, especially if it was not
   designed to handle large message.
This is intentionally vague, but it is probably Ok with me.

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