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Re: Generalizing subaddress

2006-04-06 13:47:47

On Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 06:48:16PM +0100, Alexey Melnikov wrote:
1.  There is always a "user" part, which refers to an account
  in the email system.
2.  There might be a "detail" part.
3.  There might be a couple of detail parts.

# 3 is an interesting idea, but I think it is taking the idea of 
flexibility of this extension way too far.

I thought of multiple detail parts, when I first suggested to have a
generic subaddress extension, but figured if people wanted to work with
such complexity, variables were most likely required, too.

A generic subaddress extension covers a large range of applications that
do not require variables, whereas multiple detail parts are used rarely,
often tied closely to specific software.  If anybody needs them urgently,
please speak up.  _I_ just need a generic subaddressing facility without
variables and with a single detail part urgently. ;-)

A particular implementation can threat "detail" as a structured field, 
Sieve variables can be used to extract parts of it.

Or a new extension that relies on variables could extract the detail parts
from the given address into variables, avoiding the structured field.  In
case someone decides it is worth writing a draft.

So let's keep the document the way it is.



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