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Default match types and for_every_part

2006-04-21 04:44:03

In 2.7.1, buried in a long paragraph, it says "Commands default to using ":is" 
matching if no match type argument is supplied".  In 5.7 when discussing the 
header test it explicitly says that the default match type for the header test 
is "is", but in 5.1, and 5.4 when discussing envelope and address tests there 
is no mention.  I found this to be inconsistent and initially assumed that the 
default match type for address/envelope was unspecified.  

I suggest we remove the reference to the default match type from section 5.7, 
and split the "long" paragraph in 2.7.1 at the "Note" that discusses 
interactions with comparators.

While you are at it, you might want to correct the "supoprt" typo.

I think it makes no sense for the default match type to be :is for the body 
test, could it be :contains, and could say so in section 3?  Or do people think 
it is easier for the default match type to always be :is?

I think it should be foreverypart, not for_every_part.  We already have 
addheader, deleteheader, fileinto.  We don't have add_header, delete_header, 

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