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What is keeping Sieve WG chairs busy

2006-05-30 15:07:19

Just to update the WG on why chairs were so silent recently:

1). IMAP flags was submitted to IESG and received several comments (much more than the author originally anticipated). The comments were addressed, new revision was issues and the document got approved for publication. 2). IETF LC for subaddress has ended. Gen-Art review comments were received and we believe Ken has adequately responded to them. Ken will be publishing a new revision of the draft before it can be submitted to IESG. 3). Cyrus is slowly working on spamtest revision. Hopefully the next revision will be ready for IETF wide LC. 4). Alexey was making sure that draft-newman-i18n-comparator-11.txt doesn't break Sieve. 5). Cyrus and Alexey are getting ready for IESG writeup for 3028bis. List of issues to be resolved can be found here:

Cyrus and Alexey

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