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Sieve reject draft open issue: non-ascii text in reject string

2006-07-13 13:03:00

During the Sieve WG meeting in Montreal the group discussed handling of the non-ascii characters in the reject reason string, when Sieve engine can return reject errors over SMTP/LMTP. Several choices were suggested:

1). Strip (replace with '?' or any other ascii character) UTF-8 from string
 reason: can preserve ascii, for some multilingual strings.
2). Send DSN instead
3). Replace the reject string with an implementation defined string in ascii.
4). Runtime error
5). Use 2 strings, one in ASCII and one possible containing non-ascii.

Discussions on the choices lead to the following conclusions:
1). Use of 2 and 4 is highly undesirable.
2). Use of 2 strings (choice 5) is confusing to users. Besides implementations would need to check both strings for non-ascii text (and the check would have to be delayed till runtime if Sieve Variables are also used), which would result in one of the other choices. So the consensus was not to have 2 separate string.
[I would note that this choice was discussed at least once before]
3). The group spent some time discussing choices 1 and 3, which resulted in rough consensus to use # 3.

Does anybody have any objections to recommending # 3 in the draft?

Alexey, who would be really happy to close this issue.


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