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Review of draft-ietf-sieve-refuse-reject-03

2006-08-01 19:02:15

My comments on -02 apply to -03, with one extra:

Is the exacttext option worth it? It seems to be adding a lot of complexity for fairly small gain. I understand users wanting to put reject reasons in their native language. However, the intent of this draft is that reject will operate at the SMTP level wherever possible. Hence, the reject reason should be very short and must be usable in an SMTP response. Use of ASCII is best for interoperability. Use of UTF-8 will only work when EAI extensions are also being used, or when MDNs are being generated instead of SMTP protocol responses. Since EAI is new, I don't think we want to rely on it. And the intent is to get away from MDNs. Hence, we should encourage brevity and mandate ASCII.

Once EAI extensions are deployed we can extend reject to permit UTF-8.
Randall Gellens
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