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Re: the notify issues

2007-02-12 04:35:40

Dilyan Palauzov wrote:

Issue #6
"send notification over XMPP, if can be delivered immediately. Otherwise send it over SMS"

I am in favour of:

  1). Add a test to check if a notification method (specified
  as an URI) can deliver the notification immediately.

I've done this part.

  1)  Add a test to check if a notification method (specified
  as an URI) HAS delieverED the notification immediately.

Expanations: for sending an SMS, or mail it cannot be said if the message can be delivered immediately, as it depends on many things, and even if a notification can be delivered during the test, this does not mean that it is delivered delivered immediately at a later point, when the notification is send. On the other side, if an SMS of mail is send, an acknowledgement can be requested, that the notification is read/delivered. Naturally, this will mean that the interpreter has to stop for certain time, like 10s, and wait for the acknowledgement.

I don't particularly like this part of your suggestion. In particular because many implementations don't send a notification when a notify action is called, they defer sending the notification till after the script evaluation is complete and can do this asynchronously.

What you suggest will also block message delivery, which might be inacceptable for some deployments.

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