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Re: Informal Working Group Last Call on draft-freed-sieve-date-index-04.txt

2007-03-06 07:08:33

On Tue Mar  6 12:58:48 2007, Alexey Melnikov wrote:

We would like to draw your attention to the following draft:


Some comments based on a fairly rapid first-time read-through from a script author's perspective:

1) In the abstract, concerning index, I note it refers to "specific instances of header fields" - but it's presumably also capable of limiting to specific addresses.

Similarly, section 6 also implies that the address test operates on a header field rather than on an address, which seems odd. I believe that the address header fields - To, CC, BCC - are only allowed once in a message header.

I'd expect:
        address :index 2 :domain ["to"] [""]

to match for this message, for example.

2) Section 4 uses the phrase "[...] as modified by the comparator and match keywords." - this doesn't ring true with my understanding of comparators, perhaps a better way of phrasing this would be, "[...] according to the comparator and match keywords.".

3) Section 4 implies that it only operates on structured header fields. I suspect it might be useful to allow it to be used on an unstructured header field that happens to contain a string which forms a date. The last paragraph appears to imply that, but the use of the phrase "structured headers" contradicts.

4) The draft utterly lacks any examples. How can I possibly implement it unless I have badly written examples to perpetuate errors from? ;-)

5) Do you think anyone will figure out that, if using i;ascii-numeric, "2007-03-06" will be considered equal to "2007-01-01"? It might be a good idea to make a paragraph or two noting which comparators are suitable for which operations. (i;octet works for all of them, I think, except "julian", for which you need "i;ascii-numeric").

Feel free to correct my comments if I've merely missed things on a read-through.

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