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Support for encoded-character

2007-03-20 23:31:12

After the Sieve interop yesterday evening sort of crumbled over
encoded-char, I implemented the hex side of things for libSieve.

I also noticed that in 2038bis-12,, the sentence:

   In the following script, message A is discarded, since the specified
   test string is equivalent to "$$$".

...should refer to 'message B'.

It's about 50 lines, quick-and-dirty, so when I do Unicode I'll write a
better little state machine loop that should be half as long as able to
do both hex and unicode. It should port nearly verbatim to Cyrus IMAPd.

I do ignore hex 00, however, as I'm not 100% 8-bit clean (and Cyrus is
_really_ not 8-bit clean). I assume this needs to be resolved before we
have a 'working implementation' for standards track purposes?


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