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Comments on draft-ietf-lemonade-imap-sieve-02.txt

2007-03-28 10:02:41

Hi Barry,
The document is in a much better shape now. Thank you.

Some comments below:

3.1.  The Implicit Keep

   For all cases that fall under IMAPSieve, the implicit keep means that
   the message is treated as it would have been if no Sieve script were
   run.  For APPEND, MULTIAPPEND and COPY, the message is stored into
   the target mailbox normally.  For flag or annotation changes, the
   message is left in the mailbox.

And would the implicit keep mean for EXPUNGEs?

3.6.  The Discard Action

   The discard action is applicable in all cases that fall under
   IMAPSieve.  For APPEND, MULTIAPPEND, and COPY, the message is first
   stored into the target mailbox.  If a keep action, implicit or
   explicit, is also in effect, the discard action now does nothing.

'Discard' cancels the implicit keep, so it can't "do nothing".

   Otherwise, the original message is then marked with the \Deleted flag
   (and a flag-change Sieve script is NOT invoked).

We've discussed this briefly in Lemonade: this text doesn't agree with the definition of "discard" in the base Sieve document - it is just an action that cancels the implicit keep. After the discussion I think your interpretation of discard in IMAP Sieve is fine with me, but you need to add more text to describe the motivation.

3.8.  The Addheader and Deleteheader Actions

   Even if the [EditHeader] extension is available, since messages in
   IMAP mailboxes are immutable these actions are NOT applicable.  Using
   them for flag or annotation changes to existing messages would cause
   the message to be changed.  Using them for APPEND, MULTIAPPEND, and
   COPY would cause unexpected differences in the stored copy as
   compared to what the client expected, and would make the client's
   message cache invalid unexpectedly.

As far as I can see the last two sentences are describing a "what if" situation, but I think the text as worded is not entirely clear on that.

   Use of these MUST result in an
   error condition that will terminate the Sieve script.

3.9.  The Setflag, Deleteflag, and Removeflag Actions

   If the [IMAP4Flags] extension is available, the actions associated
   with it are all applicable to any case that falls under IMAPSieve.
   It is worth noting also that the "hasflag" test that is defined in
   the IMAP4Flags extension might be particularly useful in scripts
   triggered by flag changes.

I think you need to clarify that "hasflag" will test the current set of flags
that is set for the current message, as visible in IMAP.

   The flag changes behave as though a
   client had made the change.


4.  Open Issues With This Document


   2.  All of the extensions that we describe how to work with: are they
       normative, or non-normative references?

I think most of them are normative, except for the ones which are explicitly disallowed (such as addheader). For example you update the behavior of redirect and fileinto actions.

5.  Examples

   Example 1:
   If a new message is added to the "ActionItems" mailbox, a copy is
   sent to the address "actionitems(_at_)example(_dot_)com".

     require ["copy", "variables"];

Replace "variables" with "environment" here.

   Example 2:
   If the script is called for any message with the \Flagged flag set
   (tested through the [IMAP4Flags] extension), a notification is sent
   using the [Notify] extension.  No notification will be sent, though,
   if we're called with an existing message that already had that flag

     require ["nofity", "imap4flags", "variables"];

Replace "variables" with "environment" here.

     if allof (hasflag "\\Flagged",
               not environment :contains "changedflags" "\\Flagged") {
         notify :message "Important message in ${IMAPSieve.mailbox}";

The example needs to be fixed, because ${IMAPSieve.mailbox} is not defined anymore.


7.1.  Registration of imapsieve extension

   The following template specifies the IANA registration of the Sieve
   extension specified in this document:

   To: iana(_at_)iana(_dot_)org
   Subject: Registration of new Sieve extension
   Capability name: imapsieve
   Capability keyword: imapsieve
   Capability arguments: N/A

The template in 3028bis has changed, so your registration needs to be updated.

Other comments:

I suggest you add the following requirement: 'IMAP Sieve interpreters SHOULD support Sieve "environment" test"'. And I would be Ok with it being a MUST.

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